Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soy Milk Creamer

Price: $1.49
Features: Lactose and dairy free, made with organic soy milk, vegan
Found in: Refrigerated section, near half & half and milk

I've tried quite a few different products over the past few years to cream my morning coffee: Plain old half & half, crazy International Delight and Coffeemate flavors (the strangest of which was either Gingerbread or Chai Spice), vanilla soy milk, regular milk, and flavored Silk soy creamers. My standbys are the "normal" flavors of International Delight: French vanilla or Irish cream. They're not over the top sweet like Coffeemate, but can still cover up in case you make a bad pot of coffee (yes, it does happen no matter how hard I try).

TJ's is on the right track with their Soy Milk Creamer, but it falls short. It could stand to be creamier, a bit thicker, a touch sweeter, and more flavorful. In the realm of soy creamers, I far prefer Silk's vanilla or hazelnut creamers. I found myself craving them as I was drinking a cup with the TJ's product in it. So, may I suggest to Trader Joe that he develop a vanilla, hazelnut, or Irish cream variety? I would be willing to buy those and give them a try. Just copy Silk more closely this time!


Leaf Deep said...

Trader Joe got it right. MUCH better than any Silk or other creamer product. Plenty sweet all on it's own if you still have taste buds. My only issue with it is that it only comes in pints. No quarts.

Unknown said...

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