Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goddess Dressing

Price: $1.99
Features: Creamy sesame, lemon, and garlic goddess goodness!
Found in: Near oils and spices

I have my favorite goddess Benita to thank for introducing me to this goddess! She makes a fantastic salad using this dressing, mixed greens, shredded carrots, sliced raw almonds, strawberries, and fat-free crumbled feta to top it all off ...and the best part: all these items are available at Trader Joe's for excellent prices!

Both Benita and I can attest that TJ's Goddess Dressing is every bit as good as Annie's Naturals Goddess Dressings (both Organic and regular), but costs half as much. Now that is serious value. Benita says that people who try this dressing always end up asking what it is and where to get it for themselves, and that the goddess-like aroma alone can entice the curious to give it a try.

We love this dressing because it is big on flavor, but not overwhelmingly heavy like some creamy dressings. A small amount goes a long way. The strongest flavor is definitely of sesame tahini, followed by the tang of lemon and cider vinegar, and rounded out by garlic and chives. Simple, yet amazingly delicious. Go to TJ's and get your own goddess right now!


Unknown said...

Annie's Goddess dressing is one of my favorites, so I'll have to give this amazing value a try! I like the two-person review too...

Bunny Bee said...

Just bought this at your suggestion! Never had goddess dressing before!