Sunday, November 9, 2008

Orange Juice

Price: $1.99
Features: Great value!
Found in: Refrigerated Section

I was thrilled when Trader Joe's started selling their own brand of from concentrate orange juice. Not that I have anything against fresh squeezed, but prior to this product the only options for OJ at TJ's were the fresh squeezed jug for about $5, the fresh carton for about $4, or frozen concentrate which simply wasn't good. Both fresh varieties are delicious, but so expensive I often would pick up orange juice from a different store. No longer!

TJ's from concentrate orange juice is not only delicious (especially for from concentrate, I don't think I would ever be able to tell it from the "fresh squeezed" carton variety) it is also an amazing value at just $1.99! No wonder it is frequently out of stock.

Drink it on its own any time, or as part of a tasty and filling smoothie (I use frozen fruit, vanilla yogurt, OJ, and protein powder, all TJ's of course)! Also makes an excellent screwdriver when you add some vodka and ice ;-)

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