Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shepard's Pie

Price: $3.99
Features: Low-ish calorie, not so low sodium
Found in: Freezer Section

I walked into the Queen Anne Trader Joe's with no idea what I was going to do about dinner. I'm usually a planner when it comes to meals. I go with at least a mental list of what I need for whatever I have decided to make. But that's the thing I love about TJ's, I can simply go there and figure it out while I go through the store. I'd say you are far more likely to come up with something good, quick, cheap, and easy doing this in TJ's compared to any other store.

This one really fell in my lap because I was in the mood for some comfort food, didn't want to put a lot of effort in, and the store happened to be sampling the frozen Shepard's Pie. The first bite convinced me this was a great choice for a cold fall day when you just want something hearty that will warm you up. The employee prepping the samples suggested heating the dish in the oven rather than by the microwave if I had the time (~35 mins).

I made two of these (each box is "two servings") to feed myself and three other guys. I'd say you need to serve more than just a side salad if you want to feed 4 people... Anyway, the pie is excellent - big chunks of beef in a tasty gravy with some veggies, all topped with a buttery layer of mashed potatoes. Very satisfying, everyone said it was really good for frozen, and ended up buying a few for themselves later.

The only reasons I didn't give the Shepard's Pie 5 stars are: 1) It is on the small side for "two servings" which is usually the case with frozen foods, and 2) The thing has 25% of your DV of sodium in a rather small serving size. Still, highly recommended to satisfy a comfort food craving on a cold lazy day!

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Nick said...

I gotta say, it wasn't quite as good the second time around. After pulling it out of the oven it was all watery, and the flavors seemed diminished. I've still got another one in the freezer, I'll wait a while and then give it another shot.

cliffhanger2 said...

I told one of my coworkers about these and she ended up getting some for a quick meal for her kids. In her words, "they torn them up!!"
And as a fat-conscience mom, she loved how low fat they were (especially in comparison to the chicken pot pies).