Sunday, November 16, 2008

Environmentally Sound Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

Price: $3.49
Features: Great value, "environmentally sound"
Found in: Cleaning / personal care products

As Trader Joe's frequently reminds us: "cleanliness is next to godliness." No doubt this saying carries over into a world filled with dirty dishes! This dishwasher soap is definitely up to the challenge. It performs just as well as any other dishwasher detergent I have ever used, and it's an excellent value. I'd say you can run 20+ loads with one box, but that is an estimate because I have not finished off the first box yet.

I'm wary when it comes to phrases like "environmentally sound" or "earth friendly." What exactly does that mean? The product doesn't jump out of the box and rip a giant hole in the Ozone layer? At least the box gives us some more information here: Phosphate and chlorine free, biodegradable surfactants. Hmm, what the heck is a surfactant? Well, we are told these surfactants biodegrade, so that must be better than non-biodegradable ones, right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm giving it a hard time. It is probably safe to say this dishwasher soap is as "good" for the environment as one can reasonably hope for. Bravo, TJ's! Sparkling clean dishes with less impact...and, no suffocating cloud of lemony freshness when you open the dishwasher because it doesn't have any added fragrance either.

Maybe next time I will work up the nerve to try the Trader Joe's liquid dishwasher soap with cleaning agent derived from coconuts!


Holly said...

this stuff didnt work so well for us.

Unknown said...

No added fragrance. Wow, thats hard to find. Im going to buy this today and I really don't care how well it cleans because we somewhat clean our dishes before we place them in the dishwasher and we never put pots or pans in our dishwasher.

N Veronica said...

Hi - how much detergent are you supposed to use? the box doesn't say - Thank you -