Saturday, November 15, 2008

Organic Fair Trade Scandinavian Blend Coffee

Price: $6.99
Features: "A combination of medium and dark roasted beans. Blanced, yet lively." Organic, fair trade, 100% Arabica beans
Found in: Coffee / tea aisle, or perhaps being brewed at the demo stand

I have had varying success with Trader Joe's coffees. I usually wait until I have a chance to sample a coffee at the demo booth before I buy it. Even then, I have had some that I found tasty in the store, but were a disappointment when I brewed them at home. Luckily, this Organic Fair Trade Scandinavian Blend is satisfying all around!

Though this coffee blend is 100% Arabica beans (no lower quality robusta beans as filler), I have noted that TJ's coffees never use the absolute top quality beans. You can always spot a few shriveled specimens in the can, which isn't the case with higher end products. No matter, I can't taste the difference, and a 13 OZ can of these bean is only $6.99 - great deal! Let's learn a little more about this history of the Scandinavian Blend and the beans within courtesy of the back of the can:
Legend has it that in the late 60's in Stockholm, Sweden, a coffee roaster named Jens unintentionally mixed some lighter roasted beans with darker ones. Being the frugal sort, he decided to give it a try. Jens was amazed when he realized it appealed to such a diverse group of people. He decided to sell it in his shop, and the style caught on. Somewhere along the way, Scandinavian blend was born (or Bij├Ârn).

To create our own harmonious Scandinavian blend, we draw on a trilogy of sustainable high grown coffees, sourced from fair trade co-operatives in Columbia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. The Colombian and Peruvian beans are dark roasted and provide a baseline that reveals bittersweet caramel nuances underscored by notes of creamy milk chocolate. These beans demand a dark roast for optimal flavor and characteristics. This coffee's finish is very smooth and sweet with floral hints. We attribute these traits to the Dominican beans which are given a medium roast. The resulting unique flavor of the combination of dual roasts makes for a lively well-balanced cup of coffee.

Well - there ya go! I couldn't have said it better myself :-P
Definitely recommended as one of the best deals on an organic and fair trade "daily-drinker" coffee!

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Terry Hardy said...

I have also had some mixed results with Trader Joe's coffee. After a few purchases that I quickly regretted, I decided to just stick with my proven organic coffee, thank you very much. However, Trader Joe's does have a fantastic Organic Cocoa that I would highly recommend you give a look!