Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mushroom Turnovers

Price: $2.99
Features: "Sauteed mushrooms & onions in a cream cheese pastry."
Found in: Frozen appetizers

I got talked into buying these by the guy running the sample stand. They seemed ok, not a bad deal for $2.99 per box. I felt like they needed some dipping sauce to go with them though. So, when I ended up making them for "dinner" at home I used the only thing I could find for dipping: Trader Ming's Gyoza Dipping Sauce.

Upon opening the package I realized there wasn't much in there, and I felt silly heating up the oven to make only six tiny turnovers, so I just made the whole box (12, still not a lot of food). They cooked up from frozen in about 10 minutes. I think the best use for these would be to serve them as an appetizer during a cocktail party (better get 2 boxes to fill up a plate). They don't really go with anything as a side dish, and they are not substantial enough to fill you up as a quick meal.

The Gyoza dipping sauce is good, but not the best with mushroom turnovers. I bet it is really good on...hmm...pot stickers! Only problem is that the sauce has a huge amount of sodium. Almost 60% of your RDV in 2 Tbsp! Maybe the turnovers would be better accompanied by BBQ sauce, or a sour cream type dip?

The cream cheese pastry was an interesting touch. Lighter than regular pastry, but not as airy as puff pastry. Works well with the mushroom and onion filling.

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