Monday, December 1, 2008

Fire Roasted Vegetables with Balsamic Butter Sauce

Price: $3.29
Features: Frozen blobs of sauce instead of a separate sauce packet.
Found in: Frozen vegetables

I sampled these fire roasted vegetables in the store a few weeks ago. At the time I remember thinking the balsamic butter sauce was pretty potent stuff. So the next week, when I was wondering around the Capitol Hill Trader Joe's aimlessly searching for something to make for dinner. I couldn't settle on anything, so I ended up throwing a bunch of prepared side dishes in my cart and cooking them up quickly at home.

I opened the bag and dumped everything into the frying pan expecting to find some packet of sauce to add after cooking. None to be found. But the Hershey's Kiss-like blobs I had incorrectly identified as mushrooms soon began to melt and from the sauce. Ok I thought, maybe that is why it is so concentrated?

When these finished cooking up we all tried them, but I didn't find them as flavorful as they had been in the store. I think the pan they were using in the store to make samples really concentrated the sauce blobs from several bags down and made it extra strong. So I was less impressed with these than expected. Vegetables are good for you...butter sauce not so much. I feel like there should have been more veggies in the package for $3.29!

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Benita said...

As someone with limited cooking skills, I looked to these vegetables to be something easy to prepare as a side dish. I found that the vegetables were not as good as other normal frozen vegetables. And the butter made everything kinda slimy. As a regular fan of all frozen TJ products, this was a letdown.