Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charles Shaw Downunder 2008 Chardonnay

Price: $2.99
Features: Tastes sweet and alcoholic. Other flavors undetectable.
Found in: The middle of the Charles Shaw wine display

I have been curious to try the new and exciting Charles Shaw from Downunder (there are some excellent wines from Australia ya' know). Well, I was not expecting excellence for three dollars, but I have found other CS wines to deliver unexpectedly decent taste at a low price (except the Syrah...ugh).

This one managed to disappoint in the taste department. It was super sweet on the first sip, then I began to notice more twinges of a dry alcoholic taste. I sniffed, I swirled, I tried again, but still the same result. Actually, I don't think I would be able to sniff out the difference between a glass of water with a few drops of vodka in it and a glass of this Chardonnay. Very much underwhelming. At least give me some citrus, or melon, or something to work with!

I'm not going to run into the store with the remaining half bottle and demand my $2.99 back, but I won't be buying it again.

While we are here it is worth mentioning another disappointing item I prepared for dinner tonight: TJ's "fresh from the sea" (previously frozen but sold thawed) wild salmon fillets. This fish was not very fresh (smelled quite fishy), nor was is the highest quality salmon (looked pretty beaten up actually). I drenched it in teriyaki sauce and cooked the heck out of it and it was edible, but not good. The fish didn't have as much natural fat and oil in it as salmon usually does, so it did not cook up soft and flaky. Maybe this will work for people buying seafood at TJ's in Kansas, but here in the Pacific Northwest you are going to have to do one heck of a lot better than that for $10.99 a pound. One serious 1-star fish experience.

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