Monday, November 16, 2009

Salmon Roulette with Spinach Florentine Stuffing

Price: $3.99
Features: Good salmon with a flavorful stuffing, extreme black pepper crust
Found in: Frozen seafood

 TJ's has carried these frozen salmon roulettes for as long as I have been shopping there. I was tempted to get them on many occasions, but always had my doubts about the quality of the salmon, or how long they would take to thaw and cook up. One night when I needed a quick, easy, and relatively healthy dinner I went for them. I'm glad I finally did, because they are really good, and don't take too long to cook up from frozen (thaw in microwave for a few minutes, then finish in a frying pan).

The salmon is good quality especially for frozen, though I'm sure it is farmed (obligatory "boo!"). The spinach Florentine stuffing is very flavorful and full of garlic. Just the right amount of stuffing is placed in the middle of the round making for many satisfying bites out of the circle with an optimal salmon-to-stuffing ratio. Now, if you like tons and tons of black pepper, then you will be fine with the coating on the outside of the round. The whole edge is coated in big grains of powerful pepper, which makes for some overwhelming spice after a few bites. I think I understand why they put the coating on there - these might look less appetizing and a little too much like frozen fish pucks if the edge was just pink. However, I would advise scraping a bit of the pepper off and mopping it back up as a seasoning for your veggies.

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Anonymous said...

I recommend cooking it on a skillet straight from frozen. Melt some butter on the skillet at medium heat, pull the salmon off the skillet for a second while you put another little piece of butter down, then cook the other side. Four minutes per side and it's perfect.

For a side I like the Trader Joe's microwavable asparagus. Just open the package and place it on the grill with a little lime juice and sea salt. It's a fantastic healthy great tasting meal!