Sunday, October 11, 2009

Savory Broth Liquid Concentrate

Price: $3.99 (12 packets, makes 12 cups of broth)
Features: Easy to keep for when you need it, 50% less sodium
Found in: Near the cartons of regular broth

I have been meaning to review this stuff forever. I have used the vegetable broth concentrate packets for a number of things, and I just picked up the chicken broth concentrate today, on a very successful trip to Trader Joe's, lots of new products to review! I needed some chicken broth on hand in small amounts to help thin out some overly-thick chicken noodle soup I made last week.

I really like these packets because you can make however many cups of broth you need at the time, and then save the remaining packets in the pantry for later. This avoids the inevitable half carton of broth that is left over (why must all recipes call for 6-cups of stock when the cartons are only 4-cups each?) which needs to be refrigerated, and usually migrates to the back of the fridge where it expires and gets tossed out months later. The broth has 50% less sodium than other varieties, so you have more control over the salt content of your final dish. I also really like that there is far less waste with the small packets vs. the large boxes of stock. Sure, the boxes can be recycled, but that is still a lot of packaging for something you generally open and dump straight into a pot, not to mention transporting all that heavy liquid from factory to store.

The liquid concentrate packets also give you more for your money, since they make 12 cups for $3.99. The prepared cartons of broth are $1.99 each, and contain just 4 cups apiece. So, it's like getting 4 cups extra for free. These are great to keep around for whenever the need for stock arises, which happens more often than you might expect!

Now I feel special for having written a post that can be tagged with both chicken and vegetarian.


cre8tivemd said...

Stock up on it! They stopped carrying it at our TJ's. I asked them and they said it was not available anymore. I am so sad because I love this stuff and used it all of the time.

Erin Monk said...

I'm wondering where the previous poster is shopping, because the broth is available at my local TJ's in soCal, and I hope it continues to be stocked! I love this broth, the size is very convenient and it lasts forever. Just made a quick dinner by reheating white rice and topping it with frozen stir fry veggies and chicken gyoza (similar to potstickers) that i boiled in the broth for 3 minutes. All these were purchased at Trader's, and if you are looking for an item to try the chicken gyoza are so delicious! I topped the quick "stir fry" with some teriyaki sauce by soyvay - it was delicious. Too bad I didn't make enough for seconds...

Patricia G. said...

It was discontinued as of Jan. 2012, according to someone at my local store who checked the computer.

Jay said...

It has been discontinued at my TJ's in Tempe AZ. But I see that Amazon carries it. I had a feeling it was going for a while before it was gone so I stocked up and I am still good.

Unknown said...

I just bought two boxes at my TJ's yesterday. I asked if these were the remaining boxes as I heard they'd been discontinued but the team member said no. No sign of them being discontinued. I live in NYC.