Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Almond in the Coconut

Price: $2.99
Features: "Crunchy almonds and a creamy coconut center enrobed in milk chocolate"
Found in: Chocolate covered stuff shelves

Hmm, enrobed in chocolate. Is there anything better? I like that word: enrobed. Ahh...it sounds comfy. Anyway, these little guys are basically Almond Joy bites with the almonds chopped up and mixed into the filling. I always liked Almond Joy because of the coconut - though I did have a Mounds phase as well.

These are great, you get a pretty good number in each package, they are decently cheap, and last a while because you have to chew on the coconut before you can eat another. The only gripe I have with them is that the chocolate enrobing is super sweet, even for a milk chocolate. So there goes half a star. No matter, I will continue to buy these when the mood strikes. Plus, they have a clever name. Can't resist that!


Tara said...

much to my horror, i was told today that trader joes has discontinued these

Daniel said...

Oh no! I fear you are right, I have not seen them in the store for a few months.

That's the tradeoff with Trader Joe's - constant stream of new and interesting products, but sometimes your old favorites dissappear without warning or reason!